Full payment is due 14 days in advance of booking date.  A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit (25% of total rental fee) is required to secure a booking. A group booking is not considered secured unless the deposit, Venue Booking Contract and the Responsibilities & Conditions for Venue Bookings document have been received. Cancelations are non-refundable unless Government COVID restrictions enforce Centre closure.

Insurance Coverage:

Proof of liability insurance must be provided at least 24 hours prior to the date of arrival. The liability must include naming “Cave Springs Camp Inc.” and the “United Church of Canada” as “coinsured” or “also insured” on the contracts.

  • Your proof of insurance can be emailed directly to Cave Springs Camp directly by your insurance provider.
  • If you are unable to provide liability insurance coverage through your group’s or your personal home insurance policy, you can view PAL Insurance Brokers’ one-day event policies at

Cleaning Fees and Damage Deposit:

Renters are responsible for leaving facilities clean and orderly and in an undamaged state. This includes cleaning all materials provided by Cave Springs Camp, Retreat & Conference Centre (i.e. dishes, utensils). A cleaning fee will be applied to this rental contract.

Renters are responsible for all damage they have done to Cave Springs Camp, Retreat & Conference Centre buildings and property. A separate, refundable damage deposit of $500 is required upon receipt of the contract. The deposit will be returned to the renter upon inspection of the property. Damage and repairs and extra cleaning fees in excess of the deposit are the responsibility of the renter.

Other Responsibilities:

The person in charge of the Retreat Rental Group must report to the assigned Centre official at arrival, and before leaving.

A responsible adult, at least 25 years of age, must be present and in charge of the renting group at all times.

An adult must accompany a child or group of children, in the pond area.

All  persons using Cave Springs Camp, Retreat and Conference Centre shall comply with any instructions given them by the Centre official on duty, concerning their conduct or use of the facilities.

It is agreed that the renting group or organization and individuals will have adequate insurance to cover their activities.

All areas, buildings, equipment and other property used by the Retreat Rental Group, shall be left clean, orderly, and in an undamaged condition upon departure, to avoid additional charges.

Firearms, Illegal substances and smoking outside designated areas on the premises are strictly prohibited.

In order to preserve the natural state of our property: NO ONE SHALL:

  • Destroy, damage or remove any plant or wildlife.
  • Erect tents or structures of any kind without permission.
  • Light fires, in other than designated areas. All fires must be attended and extinguished before leaving the area.
  • Infringe upon the neighbouring properties. This includes the vineyards surrounding the camp. The vineyards are private property and not to be used by Cave Springs Camp, Retreat and Conference Centre rentals.
  • Bring pets to the campground without permission.

Parking Policy:

All vehicles must stay on the roadway.  When all supplies and equipment have been unloaded, all vehicles should be parked in the parking lot or in areas designated by the Centre official on duty.

Alcohol Policy:

Appropriate liquor licenses must be obtained to consume alcohol on the premises. This license must be shown to the Centre official and posted in the appropriate location prior to the consumption of any alcohol.

High Ropes and Swimming Pool Responsibilities:

Use of the High Ropes and Swimming Pool requires advanced arrangements.

Ropes courses are only available when qualified Ropes Instructors are in attendance.

The pool, maintained by Cave Springs Camp, Retreat and Conference Centre according to government standards, will be available for renting from June to Labour Day; weather permitting. Please inquire one week in advance to your rental date to determine if pool is available for use.

The renting group must request from us, one lifeguard for every 20 swimmers with a minimum of two lifeguards.

Any deliberate or willful disregard of these Responsibilities and Conditions for Retreat Rental will automatically cancel the rental permit and result in immediate closure of the Centre.


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