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Nature Retreat Centre

All proceeds from booked venues are funneled to Cave Springs Camp. Cave Springs Camp is a United Church Camp, offering a unique summer camp experience since 1951. We provide opportunities for kids and youth to personally grow and develop leadership skills in a natural setting. In the summer, we offer seven weeks of camp programs including Overnight Camp, Bridge Camp, Day Camp, Integration and SLP (Servanthood Leadership Program). Now more than ever, we need your financial help to survive the pandemic.

Cave Springs Camp is guided and supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who form the Board of Directors; highly qualified and enthusiastic summer staff; and volunteers from the local community and area churches. Cave Springs Camp is an accredited member of the Ontario Camping Association (OCA) and the United Church of Canada Outdoor Ministries (UCOM).

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and I said to my husband “I’m so glad we got married outside!” That was so important to us – we love nature and being outdoors. We picked my favourite time of the year when the leaves just start to turn. Hoxie Hall was perfect. It was rustic and simple and everything we could have wanted.

Will my group be the only group on site?

Unless your rental contract includes an additional “exclusivity fee” of $500, there may be other rental groups using different facilities on our site at the same time as your rental. We will do our best to ensure that crossover between separate groups is minimal.

How many can be seated in your halls?

Both the Upper Conference Centre and Hoxie Hall can seat up to 100 guests.

The lower hall in the Conference Centre can seat 50 guests.

Can I make adjustments to my departure and arrival times?

You may discuss the possibility of adjustments to your departure and arrival times with our Venue Planner.

Are there any "extra" or "hidden" costs?

There may be additional costs to cover security fees, special occasion permit  if desired and liability insurance.  These will all be discussed with you by our Venue Planner.

How do we secure a booking?

The clients sign a Contract and a Responsibilities & Conditions for Venue Booking Document, pay a 25% non-refundable deposit.  A $500 post dated damage deposit cheque must also be submitted to cover any damage or excessive cleaning fees from the rental.

When is the balance due?

The balance must be paid 14 days prior to the arrival date.

When is the noise restriction cut off in the evening?

The indoor noise restriction cut-off is 11:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 12:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.  The outdoor noise restriction is 10 p.m.

Can we access electrical plugs outside?

Yes, there is access to electrical outlets in our outdoor chapel and our outdoor pavilion.

Can we bring tables and chairs outside?

No, tables and chairs from both Hoxie and the Conference Centre must remain inside, and must also remain in their designated hall (ie. tables from the Conference Centre cannot be brought into Hoxie Hall).

There are picnic tables available for outdoor use.

Can we put up an event tent outside?

You may choose to put up an outdoor event tent however, this will require a double booking to accommodate the time required for set-up and tear down of the tent.  Also, tent set-up will be restricted to the times when weather permits favourable conditions for tent use and avoids property damage due to set-up and tear down equipment.

Is your site accessible for people with mobility challenges?

We offer several accessibility features on our site.

The Conference Centre has accessible washrooms including accessible showers. It also has an elevator, and a ramp to enter. All of our buildings have ramps to enter, including Hoxie Hall and our cabins. All stairways have railings.

Can my group consume alcohol on your site?

No, unless your rental contract and insurance policy allow consumption of alcohol on site. In this case, your event must also obtain a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and must follow all rules and regulations outlined by said permit.

Do you provide catering on site?

The rental group is responsible for securing their catering.

Caterers can make use of our commercial kitchens (both Hoxie Hall and the Conference Centre have commercial kitchens) provided that use of a kitchen is included in the rental agreement.

You may bring your favourite caterer to site, or you can check in with us for a list of local catering recommendations.

Nature Retreat Centre